Can you pick up my child and take them home immediately?
No. The Canton Express is designed to get your child to and from The BLOCK.
Participants must spend a minimum of 1 hour in the facility before being taken home.

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1. Are there scheduled activities?
2. What days and times is the BLOCK open?
3. My child is not yet 11 years old. Can he/she still register?
4. What forms required for my child to attend?
5. Can my child drop in for the day?
6. What is served in the cafeteria?
7. I don’t see my child’s school listed. Can you pick him/her up?
8. Registration is full for my child’s school. Can I still register?
9. My child stays after school on some days for sports/clubs/etc. Can you pick him up later than
10. My child will not be attending every day. Do I need to call and let you know?
11. If I register for the After School Program, do I need to register for the Canton Express?
12. Do you offer a payment plan?
13. If I register my child after the semester begins, will you prorate the price?
14. Can you pick up my child and take them home immediately?
15. Do I need to register in advance for the Teen Night Out events?
16. Do I qualify for the free Outreach Program?
17. Can I come take a tour of The BLOCK?